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Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so i can’t really say how painful it might be for you

I understand exactly what you mean, but there’s a reason why you can’t find the answer. Those results of a scarification are entirely dependent on how a person’s skin heals.

Some people would have just a patch, some people it would be raised a little bit, and other would keloid a lot and it would be very much raised from the skin. Unless you already know how your skin heals you would probably want to get a small unnoticeable scarification to better predict future results for larger pieces




This is dependent on the placement of the piece because most artists will charge more for difficult to manage areas (like your face or hands) and artists charge different rates. But from the quotes ive recieved id estimate yes it is slightly more expensive, but only due to lack of properly trained professionals to carry out the demand. Tattoo artists are a lot easier to come by than a professional scarification artist

A. Scarification is a much more specialized art form than tattooing (think about the maybe 2 dozen well known names in scarification versus the hundreds of well known names in tattooing).  

B.  The supplies used by scarification artists tend to be significantly more expensive than a tattooer’s supplies.  A tattoo artist’s supply costs are relatively the same whether a tattoo takes half an hour or several hours.  The longer a scarification piece takes, the more supplies are used, and scalpel blades, anesthetic, sterile gloves, and sterile gauze aren’t particularly cheap.  Certain placements are more time consuming, and as such, are going to command a higher price.  

C. Many scarification artists travel, and during gust appearances, have to recoup the cost of their travel expenses in addition to possibly paying the studio they’re at.